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    Time is at a premium and fewer people have gardens whilst the demand for home-grown fresh veg for homes and restaurants is increasing. In addition the cost of seeds and plants is rising; waiting lists and rental fees for allotments are growing.

    i-Grow provides a solution.

    What does i-Grow offer?
    The benefits of an allotment without the hard work or getting your hands dirty; a new way to grow your own for home or business and the opportunity to share in your own little bit of rural Lincolnshire.

    To grow fresh veg & herbs you select your plants online, by post, by phone or through our Farm Shop at Abbey Parks. We will let you know when your crops are ready for harvest and how long they will be available (the latest harvest date). We will then plant and tend your allotment. All you need to do is to let us know when you want your produce within the harvest dates. If you let us have the date we can even tailor your allotment so you have your harvest for a special event, wedding, birthday etc. If you decide that the yield from your allotment may be too much for you, you can trade for vegetables grown on other allotments subject to availability.

    You can manage your allotments online from anywhere in the world but you are always welcome to come to visit your allotment to see how it's doing - the allotments aren't just a concept, they are real.

    Where are the allotments?
    They are on our farm in East Heckington, Lincolnshire. The land is regarded some of the best producing land in the country and the i-Grow allotments are on the same grade 1 Lincolnshire silt fen land as Abbey Parks asparagus, a speciality crop sold in many top restaurants locally and nationally.
    All of the produce grown on the allotments is grown organically in that no chemicals of any kind are used from the time the seeds are planted to us harvesting it and the land is not treated. In the future, we can apply to be organically certified.

    What do I get when I purchase an allotment?
    We will provide you with an allotment for one year. During that year, we will:

    ♦ Prepare the land
    ♦ Install protective fencing
    ♦ Rotovate the soil
    ♦ Drill & Plant seeds
    ♦ Water & Weed
    ♦ Harvest when ready
    ♦ Upload photos to the online member' forum
    ♦ Deliver free to your door in the UK
    ♦ Offer an optional replant after harvest

    What would I need to do?
    Follow the links for more information on Becoming An Allotment Owner and Buying Options

    Who buys your allotments?
    Our owners include:

    ♦ Children whose parents want them to know about fresh produce and how it is grown. We have even had visits from schools as part of the 'Food for Life' campaign
    ♦ Chefs in restaurants who have the need for a particular vegetable or herb that has been difficult to source
    ♦ Chefs who want to be able to cook their own produce
    ♦ People who have a passion for gardening but are no longer able to cope with the physical efforts
    ♦ Homeowners who do not have gardens, particularly city dwellers in apartments
    ♦ People who want to grow their own but simply don't have the time
    ♦ People who have received their allotment as a gift

    How do I purchase an allotment as a gift?
    Contact us online, by phone or call in to the shop in East Heckington to purchase a Gift Card. We will either send you the card or send a card directly to the person who you would like to receive it with a message from you. An allotment will be reserved and once the tear-off slip has been returned to us or the gift recipient has registered online they can begin with Step 1 on Becoming and Allotment Owner

    What happens if the crops fail?
    Although that is possible, it is very unlikely and as we are farmers ourselves, experts in our field (pardon the pun!) and passionate about what we do, we can guarantee a yield for your investment as we will replant your failed row free of charge.

    How much does it cost?
    An allotment costs 104 per year and 8 rows of veg will cost 21 so the total to get started is 125. There is an option to replant during the year after the initial harvest at a cost of 3 per row - the more that you replant, the more you benefit from having your allotment.

    Is there a time when it's best to buy?
    No - we can always find something that will grow whatever the time of year. Click on our What to Grow page for more information about planting times and yields.