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    Becoming An Owner

    This is the process that you will follow. The selection of your plot is a part of the buying process. You may choose vegetables at the same time or delay this choice until later by following the options on the Select & Buy pages.You might find it useful to read through the information here so that you know what to expect before clicking on the links.

    The order of the steps that you take will depend on how you become an allotment owner, whether you buy it for yourself online or as an Abbey Parks Gift Card; whether you receive it as an online gift or as an Abbey Parks Gift Card. In each case there are 5 easy steps to getting the best out of your allotment and you can be as involved as you like:

    You want to buy it for yourself online:

    Step 1
    Select your allotment
    You have the option through the website of selecting which plot you would like for your allotment (there are 8 allotments on each plot for those who would like to purchase multiple allotments). If you have given the allotment as a gift, the person to whom you have given it will do this. Click on Select & Buy. We will select a plot following purchase for those who prefer not to take part online.

    Step 2
    Choose your veg or herbs by selecting options in the vegetable box. If you would prefer to choose your veg at a later date, please select this option. Once you have decided what you would like to grow, just drop us an email and we will get planting.
    Each allotment has 8 rows available for planting and owners can choose, from our extensive list, what they would like to plant there. It might be a whole allotment of potatoes, which would give you a yield of approx 60kg. or 8 rows of different veg or herbs. We even have some 'readymade' allotments for those who would rather someone else make this decision for them. The choice is entirely yours form a selection of over 60 veg and herbs.
    There is a lot of information and advice about planting times and how much veg each row will produce on the What to Grow page and advice is always available by email, through the website or by simply picking up the phone to ask us.

    Step 3
    Click on the link Select & Buy
    We will send you an email to confirm your purchase and to activate your allotment.

    Step 4
    Watch the veg grow
    We will tend to your allotment and show its progress through regular news and photographs on the website forum. If you prefer to see for yourself, we would be glad to welcome you to the allotments on the farm.

    Step 5
    Harvest & Delivery
    We will let you know when your crops are ready for harvest and how long they will be available (the latest harvest date). Just let us know when you want it within the harvest dates. If you would like to trade some of your harvest for something else from another allotment, please contact us and we will let you know what options are available.

    We will harvest, pack and send your veg to you anywhere in the UK so you can receive it from field to fork in 24hours. If you prefer to collect your veg in person, you can do so at our Farm Shop where you might even like to buy a cup of coffee in the Bistro.

    You have received it as a gift or bought an Abbey Parks Gift Card for yourself:

    An online or Paypal Gift Voucher
    If you have received the allotment as an online gift or a Paypal Gift Voucher, please follow the instructions from Paypal. We will activate your account and you can proceed with Steps 1 and 2 above. Step 3 has already been completed as your allotment has been paid for.

    An Abbey Parks Gift Card
    If you have bought or received an Abbey Parks Gift Card, please return the tear-off section to us at the address on the card. We will activate your account and you can proceed with Steps 1 and 2 above. Step 3 has already been completed as your allotment has been paid for.