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    Each plot consists of eight allotments measuring 3mX2m.

    Each allotment will give you 8 rows of vegetables.

    Please hover the mouse over the plot where you would like your allotment to be planted. This will indicate availability on the eight allotments in that plot.

    Click to select the allotment that you would like. There is no limit to the number of allotments that you can rent.

Plot A1 Plot A2 Plot A3 Plot A4 Plot A5 Plot A6 Plot A7 Plot A8 Plot B1 Plot B2 Plot B3 Plot B4 Plot B5 Plot B6 Plot B7 Plot B8 Plot C1 Plot C2 Plot C3 Plot C4 Plot C5 Plot C6 Plot C7 Plot C8 Plot D1 Plot D2 Plot D3 Plot D4 Plot D5 Plot D6 Plot D7 Plot D8 Plot E1 Plot E2 Plot E3 Plot E4 Plot E5 Plot E6 Plot E7 Plot E8 Plot F1 Plot F2 Plot F3 Plot F4 Plot F5 Plot F6 Plot F7 Plot F8 Plot G1 Plot G2 Plot G3 Plot G4 Plot G5 Plot G6 Plot G7 Plot G8 Plot H1 Plot H2 Plot H3 Plot H4 Plot H5 Plot H6 Plot H7 Plot H8 Plot I1 Plot I2 Plot I3 Plot I4 Plot I5 Plot I6 Plot I7 Plot I8 Plot J1 Plot J2 Plot J3 Plot J4 Plot J5 Plot J6 Plot J7 Plot J8 Plot K1 Plot K2 Plot K3 Plot K4 Plot K5 Plot K6 Plot K7 Plot K8 Plot L1 Plot L2 Plot L3 Plot L4 Plot L5 Plot L6 Plot L7 Plot L8 Plot M1 Plot M2 Plot M3 Plot M4 Plot M5 Plot M6 Plot M7 Plot M8